"The flower has been great.  Thank you, you guys are life savers and are amazing, best customer service and support"  T. E. - New York 6/29/18

"Loved it. It was very nice and relaxed for the night but not sleepy until like half hour later and I was gone to bed lol.  Definitely a keeper."  Drew S - Phoenix, AZ  7/18/18

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"So much better than some other places I have gotten from.  You have a new client for life!"  Stef - Florida 7/16/18

"I have PTSD, and this is the first time I've had a strain (Green Sherbert) help with my anxiety but allow me to stay focused.  Loved it!"  Nick, Arkansas 8/11/18

"Nice packaging.  That was quick.  The Green Sherbert put me to sleep."  A. I. - San Jose, CA 6/29/18

"I smoked this after working all day. The tension in my muscles just slid away.  Amazing taste, amazing high, and smooth AF."  Tiffany, Maryland 9/2/18

"OMG! This [Green Sherbert] was amazing.  Smoked a joint, and within a hour the euphoric effects kick in.  Very relaxing and potent.  Not for beginners.  Putting this on my best strain list."  Samantha - NY 7/20/18