Is this legal?  If you live in a state where marijuana is legal, and you meet the age or doctor's recommendation criteria - then YES, you are within your legal rights to procure, possess, and use marijuana.  Several states have passed legislation allowing marijuana use for medical or recreational purposes.  Other states have decriminalized marijuana but do not yet allow its use.  Our California collective is able to grow cannabis plants and receive donations for the expenses related to producing the product and operating the collective.  


How many joints should I smoke?

This varies from person to person and from strain to strain.  For most strains and people, we recommend a dosage/smoking 1/3 - 1/2 of a joint.  This should be enough to get you high.  For some cases of extreme pain or for smokers who have high tolerances to THC, we would suggest one joint.  Be aware that the effects are not felt immediately, so do not continue smoking more and more until you feel high.  Smoke 1/3 of the joint, put it out, and wait 5-15 minutes for the effects to kick in.  Do not operate machinery, motor vehicles, or perform any tasks that require your full mental/physical capacity to safely execute the actions after smoking!

Is the quality any good? Chances are, if you are getting your cannabis in Colorado, California, Oregon, or Amsterdam, then our product is equal to or greater than what you have tried.  For all other places, we know that our product is superior because most product distributed in other states is low grade outdoor schwag from Northern California, Oregon, or Colorado or is from Mexico (packed in bricks, losing much of the TCH crystals in the process).  Unlike most dispensary grade cannabis, our product is organic so it doesn't have a harsh smoke that induces coughing (caused by chemicals and pesticides in the plants) and all our patients report that our joints taste good and smoke smoothly.  The high also sets in slower than some commercial bud that takes immediate effect.  Either way, CdK is top quality genetics grown organically with care.  All our product has been tested and is guaranteed.

What do you fill your joints with - flower or shake?  We use flower (the buds and the sugar leaves that immediately surround the buds).  The small sugar leaves are covered in trichomes, but many growers trim them off for presentation purposes.  We grind down the entire flower and then carefully remove remaining stems, impurities, and occasionally a rogue seed as we fill the joints by hand.

I prefer to smoke out of a pipe or bong. Why don't you sell flower?  We do, but you can rip open our joints and pack a bowl if you prefer to smoke that way.  The only difference is that you don't have to grind up the flowers, saving you time.  However, after repeated requests for flower/buds/nugs, CdK began offering limited flowers under our Miguelitos and Cola Buds brands.  

What's the best strain? This is like asking what is the best kind of pizza - they all are amazing!  You should choose a strain based on the effects and properties it has been bred for.  Some strains are great for pain, others for anxiety.  Sample our 3 packs and decide which is best for you or read the strain reviews on our site or on

Why are your joints so cheap?  Many people have commented that our product is among the best they have ever had.  This makes us think that we should charge a price premium.  But since we are the grower and packager, we can afford to sell at competitive prices and still pay for the expenses associated with the collective.  Dispensaries buy product from growers and then package them to resell to patients.  They have to charge more to pay for their overhead (retail location's rent, insurance), salaries (budtenders and security guards), and other business expenses in addition to paying for the cannabis.

Do you use pesticides or other chemicals?  No.  We do not use pesticides or chemicals, but we do use organic/natural ways of protecting plants from pests and ways of dealing with disease (ex. neme oil).  It is common for plants to get infested with some sort of pest during the grow cycle, and sometimes we have to cut down plants that succumb to pests or diseases.  Survival of the fittest!


How long does it take to receive my order?  Most orders will ship the next business day and arrive in less than five days.  Free delivery is available in Los Angeles, shipping in California takes 1-2 days, East Coast takes 3-5 days.  We have a 100% delivery rate, so any claims that product has not been received will result in being blacklisted from our site.  We did have one scammer try this, and she has been banned from CdK and blocked on PayPal.


I don't trust buying cannabis online.  What if I don't like it or it doesn't work?  All our items are tested and guaranteed.  If you try a strain and don't like it or fail to experience the relief that you were looking for, you can send us an email explaining your experience and request a different strain.  CdK is relief - but some people respond differently to different strains.  Either way, your satisfaction is guaranteed and we will honor this policy.

Frequently asked questions

This is a list of responses to frequently asked questions.  Feel free to email us at or direct message us on Instagram at @camposdekush for more answers to your questions.