$20/ 3 Pack - $40/ 6 Pack

"This strain gives me trippy hallucinations every time I hit it hard.  I have conversations with myself and time skips.  I watched a Netflix show and had already seen it as it was playing (even though I hadn't seen it before) and knew what the actors were going to say before they did.  Truly a f**king trip.  Couch lock.  Body and head high. I could go on and on about this God Bud."  A.C. Los Angeles 7/28/17

God Bud

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"Fairly intense.  Definitely a good product.  Made me feel super laid back but didn't make me tired."  Chester Barrow, Alaska 7/30/17

"Knocked out for 10 hours!" K. D. West Hollywood, CA  6/20/17

Pre-rolled Joints

CdK pre-rolled joints are filled with organic California cannabis flowers. Each king size joint contains approximately one gram. Choose from more than 20 different strains of indicas, sativas, and hybrids in packs of 3 or 6. Order online for convenient, discrete shipping.  Suggested dosage is 1/3 joint.  Smoke responsibly.

"Loved it first time smoking it was very nice and relaxed for the night but not sleepy until like a half hour later and I was gone to bed lol.  Definitely a keeper.  Drew S - Arizona 7/18/18

This was Don Miguel's first strain to grow.  His plants grew huge; each plant producing about a pound of bud.  This British Columbia God Bud is a powerful indica-dominant hybrid from Canada created by crossing the Purple Skunk and Hawaiian strains. God Bud is potent, giving an almost hallucinogenic high, numbness, and euphoria. This is recommended for insomnia, pain relief, etc. but not for recreational use.  God Bud makes users feel:

Relaxed, Happy, Euphoric, Sleepy, and Uplifted.