Pre-rolled Joints

CdK pre-rolled joints are filled with organic California cannabis flowers. Each king size joint contains approximately one gram. Choose from more than 20 different strains of indicas, sativas, and hybrids in packs of 3 or 6. Order online for convenient, discrete shipping.  Suggested dosage is 1/3 joint.  Smoke responsibly.

Goji OG

"This is my new favorite type of weed. I loved the high and smoke.  I'd say it was pretty powerful and I got cotton mouth, munchies, and drunken feelings asap.  The best things I remember were the euphoric head high and great body high where things felt incredible (had the strongest orgasm of my life) - even my bed felt amazing when I lied down at the end of the night.  The taste was minty - not smokey if that makes sense.  I loved this OG." Darren O. Calabasas, CA 3/8/18


Goji OG is a sativa-dominant hybrid cross between Nepali OG and Snow Lotus. The flavor is as unique as the berry it's named after, offering a dynamic aroma including red berry, black cherry, strawberry, hawaiian punch, and licorice. Our plants had a slight pinkish hue in the flowers.

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$30/ 3 Pack - $50/ 6 Pack