$30/ 3 Pack - $50/ 6 Pack

Green Crack is a wildly popular strain in Los Angeles because of its sharp energy and focus, invigorating mental buzz, and tangy, fruity flavor.  It is a sativa hybrid derived from Skunk and Afghani. THC levels range from 17-24%. Green Crack helps users fight fatigue, stress, and depression.  Unfortunately, our plants were light producers (though extremely dank), so get yours while supplies last.

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"I heard good things about this one.  The flower is super sticky.  I think it needs more drying because the first day I tried to smoke it, the buds wouldn't stay lit.  A couple of days later, I lit the same (used) joint and took a few hits and G-damn this was some amazing stuff.  I didn't care for the taste so much - it has a very distinct flavor that stayed in my mouth until the next morning, but it was a really smooth smoke and a wicked high.  Strong AF too.  I got cotton mouth, but a fun and different high than any other type I've had.  It's cool."  Joshua C. Malibu, CA 11/11/18

Green Crack


Pre-rolled Joints

CdK pre-rolled joints are filled with organic California cannabis flowers. Each king size joint contains approximately one gram. Choose from more than 20 different strains of indicas, sativas, and hybrids in packs of 3 or 6. Order online for convenient, discrete shipping.  Suggested dosage is 1/3 joint.  Smoke responsibly.