Don Miguel on horseback in a village near Medellin, Colombia (above) and La Doña (below).

It started with a love story.

Don Miguel Campos was a traveling man, experiencing the best the world had to offer.  It was on one of his travels to a far away land that he discovered La Doña Kushniruk, a stunning redhead from Ukraine. From the original Kiev-Rus bloodline, she was tall, slender, and had unforgettable regal features. Her blue eyes sparkled and could pierce through any man's confidence. Her hair was citrus-colored, long, and full-bodied. She was graceful, lady-like, charming. Don Miguel was smitten by her beauty, and he pursued her over four years until she delivered herself to him. They spent a week together, making passionate love, laughing, spending every minute together, and ultimately arguing over "attention". La Doña was accustomed to a lifestyle beyond Don Miguel's means, and she left him to find a more "responsible" man - never to speak to him again. This failure so deeply affected Don Miguel that he swore he would find a way to win back his lost love. Time passed. 

Don Miguel, lonely and reclusive, spent much of his time working at home and tending to his cannabis plants.  He transferred the love for La Doña to his "girls" in his grow room for the next two years. One day, while harvesting a new strain of Tangerine Dream, the orange hairs covering the slender buds reminded him of La Doña and reignited his passion for life and love. And so was born the Campos de Kush brand of marijuana. Literally meaning "Fields of Kush", CdK represents true love and a passion for the finer things in life. Energy attracts energy. And the loving energy infused into growing CdK flowers, the attention to detail for hand-trimming and preparing each king sized joint, and the commitment to building a brand for generations to come can be appreciated in every pack of CdK pre-rolled joints.  

What is your passion?