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Paris OG is an indica-dominant strain with calming effects that promote rest and relaxation. Rumor has it that Paris OG descends from Headband and Lemon OG, who together pass on a sweet blend of fruity, citrus flavors.  Our plants were super thirsty and grew so large that the stalks bent over and snapped when the guide sticks were removed (from the overbearing weight of the flowers).  THC levels are from 22-28%.  Helpful for migraine headaches, depression and anxiety.

Pre-rolled Joints

CdK pre-rolled joints are filled with organic California cannabis flowers. Each king size joint contains approximately one gram. Choose from more than 20 different strains of indicas, sativas, and hybrids in packs of 3 or 6. Order online for convenient, discrete shipping.  Suggested dosage is 1/3 joint.  Smoke responsibly.

Paris OG

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"A pretty good head high and body high.  I smoked a little to help me get to sleep.  It worked but felt amazing before I turned in.  When I woke up a few hours later, I didn't have any kind of hangover.  It tasted good, too. It's hard to describe the flavor, but it was clean and I want to say like woodsy but also minty??" JR, CA 8/12/18