Skywalker OG seeds

A good producer - plants develop large, sticky nugs with lots of trichomes.

Clementine seeds

Decent producer; flowers are decent size buds for a sativa breed.  Lots of hairs, great aroma. Good outdoors or indoors.  Tastes like citrus and gives a nice sativa high (euphoric, energetic, fun).

God Bud seeds

Heavy producer - these plants grow quickly ​and produce massive weight.


Anyone who has ordered seeds internationally knows the hit-or-miss aspect and risk.  Shipments get held up at Customs, some never arrive, and some arrive but turn out to be male plants.  Now you can order directly from us without these hassles - and for less than half the price of international seed companies.

Grow your own plants with our 6 pack of femenized seeds - guaranteed to produce female plants with beautiful buds.  With TLC, your plants can go from seedling to flowering in just 3-4 months (depending on conditions).  Each plant will produce several ounces up to more than a pound (depending on strain and your inputs and experience). 

*If you are a total newb, Don Miguel will pop your seeds for you.  Carefully remove the seedling from the paper towel and plant with tap root facing down and shell/leafs up.  Follow the instructions on the GROWING TIPS PAGE or our Instagram for videos on how to pop seeds and other grow techniques at @camposdekush.  

Juicy Froot seeds

Good producer; flowers range from full/dense buds to smaller/taller buds.  Great trichomes and lots of hairs. Good outdoors or indoors.  Dank and potent.

Gorilla Glue seeds

Good producer, but flowers are not dense.  Great trichomes and lots of hairs. Very sticky buds - almost as if they were coated in homemade cake frosting.