Once the plants are ready to harvest, they are cut, trimmed down, and dried for a week. Next, the buds are cured in mason jars for another week or more.  Last, the bud is ground down and stems/foreign matter are removed.  

Our plants are each grown organically from seeds (as opposed to using clones as a short cut - which weaken with each copy).  Growing from seeds insures each plant is a unique living organism and grows as it would in nature.  The time from seed to harvest is nearly four months (two months of vegetative growth and two months of flowering).  During this period, our plants are monitored daily, given the proper conditions/inputs, and most importantly infused with our positive energy.  Our plants are free of pesticides, and any nutrients are flushed two weeks prior to harvest.

The most important part of our process is growing a healthy, productive plant.  Unlike commercial cannabis growers, we do not pump our plants full of chemical steroids to increase yield, density, or bud size.  

The final product is rolled into RAW cones by hand and packaged in our craft paper packaging to preserve the freshness and contain the product's odor.