​​​​​​​​​The Art of Growing Cannabis Strains

Don Miguel loves growing cannabis.  This is the major difference between our product and that from most cannabis producers: this interest and positive energy is put into every plant, and the love of the plant results in superior quality.  (If you saw Netflix's Narcos:Mexico, the character who developed the sinsemilla marijuana plants, you will get a sense for Don Miguel's passion.)    

Don Miguel's aim is to eventually "grow every strain of marijuana that is worthwhile".  He enjoys the challenge and subtle differences that each strain possesses, and as time goes by, you will see our catalog of strains expand.  Many of our strains are now sold out, but rather than re-grow the same plants, Don Miguel prefers to master new strains.  Eventually, we will circle back and keep mothers of each strain and clone them so you can order your favorites year-round.  For now, try out the strains that best suit you.  

We have grouped them according to medical benefits, potency, and flavors for making the selection easier.

HEAVY HITTERS (high THC content)

The "Heavy Hitters" strains are predominantly indicas that are high THC - the equivalent of taking a shot of Bourbon or Whiskey vs. a glass of wine.  These strains are recommended by people suffering from chronic pain, insomnia, arthritis, AIDS, and other severe medical conditions.  People who have been smoking for a while and have built up a tolerance will also prefer strains from this category.


​These strains are sativas and hybrids that are  lighter (less potent) and generally uplifting.  They are recommended by people who suffer from depression, some types of anxiety, and ADD.  They generate more of a head high than body high which people describe as focused, uplifting, and euphoric.